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So I’ve come back from New York better and stronger and intend to go forward with my life with this blog, school and just my social life.

I’ve come back from New York with a new appreciation for South Florida and a new love for this place that I never had before. Summer break this year will be a one to remember and I can assure myself that. It has come to my attention though that now certain things in my life are changing, I notice all the couples now on South Beach that I never use to see before.

I especially see the arguments that couples have and they are nasty.

1. A girlfriend on one of those rental bikes yelling at her boyfriend for being spontaneous at the wrong moments and that he never does what she wants.

2. Gay couple on the street corner arguing that one has made more of a sacrifice than the other in this relationship.

3. The married couple from Germany arguing how this trip will not mend what already has been broken.


This year feels as if it has been a year of broken hearts and shameful despair for someone else to love us. In the end though, we love ourselves first and learn to do that well before we can love someone else. Love is a strong emotion that evokes the worst and best of us, we just have to learn how to tame that beast.


Here is one article I saw on The Guardian that show’s true love though that comes from our parents (CLICK ON THE TITLE FOR THE ARTICLE):

UK mother agrees to donate her womb to daughter

Experts divided on whether ‘deeply complex’ procedure, previously only carried out on animals, is safe for humans





A little about me

I live in South Florida.
I attend university down here.
Study the sciences and social sciences.
Love the internet.
Love Google.
I like to bike.
I like to read.

I plan on actually updating this blog!

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