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This isn't a mocking image, its just something to lighten the situation. It is a sad situation cause I was on 14th and Washington on Saturday. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE ARTICLE ON THE MIAMI HERALD SITE

According to the article:

Three police officers are in the hospital Monday after emptying several rounds of bullets on a driver who opened fire on South Beach.

The driver was killed; four bystanders were injured.

This is a tragedy. The city of Miami Beach hosts these events in hopes of bringing more cash-flow and stimulating the dying beaches’ economy but all this does is cause more harm. Its never pleasant to hear of people dying but yet we have to suck it up when we read of news like this. I don’t mind the massive traffic, the cat-calling or even the jerks who throw bottles on my street but please, what causes someone to pull out their gun on anyone?

The article stated that the details were a bit hazy so nothing is set into stone yet. I would like to just say this every year there is a shooting and every year people die. Can’t we just be reasonable and stop this? Can’t people realize that killing someone over a dispute or anything is no acceptable? Come down and party it up but please, keep your guns out of sight. No one wants to get hurt.

I send my condolences to the families who lost someone or whose family and friends were injured.

Step it up Miami Beach! Do you want more of these “unfortunate” events to occur?

I would also like to point out that when I was wandering the streets on Saturday, channel 10 news was out and about trying to get the word on what was going on. I saw a man protesting the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan and police officers pushed him aside to avoid the media from capturing him on film. Really? Are we trying to still hide people who are against the war? Is everyone still trying to cover up this whole ideology that people will disagree with wars? Talk about freedom of speech and democracy. Those officers basically spit on that idea by pushing that man aside. 

I’m done for the day.


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