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Technically its day 3 but who cares at this rate. Yesterday was a busy day filled with an early flight to JFK and then sleeping all day. Today consisted of me sleeping in till 12:30 pm (bad Carmen!) and not only that but no Insanity or biking. I decided to slack off today but indulged food-wise.

I went to the oh so holy Chipotle! I love going there and especially having the burrito bowl with steak or barbacoa. I’m a sucker for good burritos or anything spicey and fast so I fell fast for Chipotle when I went to school up here. Then, for dinner I had Outback Steakhouse which was basically a WINNING day for me. I had the steak with lobster tails and basically was in heaven.

But anyway, enough about food, now onto something interesting and more enlightening!


Going back to the Guardian. I read and skimmed a few really interesting articles.

Thailand wants Buddha tattoo ban for tourists

Culture minister says tattoos deemed ‘fashionable’ by visitors seen by many Thais as offensive and disrespectful

These ‘virginity tests’ will spark Egypt’s next revolution

The ‘virginity tests’ used by Egypt’s new rulers show the struggle for women’s rights goes on

The most traumatizing and horrendous story that I found was this one:

Nigerian ‘baby farm’ raided – 32 pregnant girls rescued

Teenage mothers were allegedly forced to give up newborns to human traffickers in southern city of Aba

I won’t evan bother putting up an image because it seriously is traumatizing to believe the ability of some people to take advantage of others.

Here is the link:



This article was poorly put together, I admit it but hey, wanted to spread some of the word on news we don’t hear.

So toodles and tomorrow the entry will be better. Remember click on the image to go to the article.



P.S. The Heat lost. By 2 pts. What the hell? I don’t care for sports but really?! Wow. 2 flaming pts.


So the festivities have finished and life goes on in Miami Beach. Today I was finally able to bike normally without the insane amount of crowds and it felt pretty damn good! I did my usual round by biking to the old music Starbucks, chilled with my ice coffee, people watched and then jumped back on my back. I love biking by the beach because it just feels fantastic having the wind blowing at you while you bike against it – I like the extra effort. I finally made it to South Pointe park and I love just sitting all the way at the end by the beach and just relaxing. (I love having time for myself to think)

After I finished my usual bike round, I went home and started packing. Yes, heading to NYC for 2 weeks as a mini vacay and to do some personal things. Should be fun, interesting, exciting?

I will keep you guys posted on my status in the city.


Onto something more interesting.

I love, love, love reading the Guardian. Seriously its BBC just more colorful and just more…cooler?

Anyway, since I’m the biggest dork of life. I love The Lord of the Rings! I mean c’mon, Aragorn? ;)

According to the Guardian though:

Hobbit film titles and release dates are confirmed

The Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again are the subtitles of the Hobbit movies, set for release on 14 December 2012 and 13 December 2013 respectively

Its Christmas come early! I am excited but nervous because usually movies that continue off an old story line…makes me nervous it could be bad but I’ll stay hopeful for my sake.


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I plan on actually updating this blog!

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