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If starting up your blog again had a smell, it would be the scent of a new car as your driving out of the dealership. After diddling about, I figured out how to use this site, along with the Dashboard and remembering some basic HTML that I used during the MySpace days.

To believe I began this site when I was a sophomore at uni and now I’m trying to graduate without the school pitching me another requirement – life is good.

No worries, I will not dwell and get all nostalgic now but I can finally start venting writing about things that interest me and maybe they’ll be of interest to you as well.

Now, like any self respecting European, a warm congratulations goes to dear Kate and William on a bouncing baby boy named: George Alexander Louis. I was pegging for James as the first name since all American’s can think of right now is George Zimmerman (Bad timing to be naming a baby George), but lets not get into that nastiness. I definitely feel sorry for Kate for having to push out such a boy, especially with her small frame but of course, she walks out of that hospital looking more fabulous than Giselle Bunchen strutting down the runway. Kate’s hair; don’t even get me started. I’m not surprised Pantene Pro-V hasn’t asked her to sponsor them! Either way, women will now be eying that hospital gown and begging their husbands for a girl because, who knows? A Miss George Alexander Louis could be conceived in the next few days, weeks, months.

Momma, Poppa and le Royal Baby.

Too precious.

That hair though; no words for how perfect it is.


A little about me

I live in South Florida.
I attend university down here.
Study the sciences and social sciences.
Love the internet.
Love Google.
I like to bike.
I like to read.

I plan on actually updating this blog!

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