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It is officially Day 3 of the Memorial Day weekend and there is traffic yet again but not only on Indian Creek but also Collins Avenue. People are going in and out of South Beach and basically its gonna be another mad night.

Memorial Weekend on Indian Creek on SundaySame view, just different angle of the traffic that snakes all the way in the back of the image

This is Collins Avenue packed with cars and with parking.

In unfortunately will not be going out tonight because one night of feeling like a hooker was good enough for me.

Today I spent the day with my friend Kristy, bumming around with her in her apartment. Since I don’t have cable tv I thought I’d mooch off of her for the day and she fell for it!

We watched the Lifetime Channel, whose motto sums up to be: “Men are bad, Woman are good.” Oprah must be watching this channel daily and especially Maria Shriver now! But anyway, we saw this Lifetime movie called Flirting with Forty. The main plot, according to IMDB: A divorced mother approaching her 40th birthday falls for a younger man while on vacation.

If I were Heather Locklear, I would sure as hell wouldn’t mind being divorced and being with him. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling his face. Something just seems off but if I mentally behead him, it works for me then. Anyway, I saw the movie and it was more or less decent but seriously I realized with these movies sometimes your girlfriends give bad advice; no offense.

So we watched the movie and then I saw the movie Horton Hears a Who and even though I love cartoons and Dr. Seus I have never seen this movie! I thought Katie the yellow puff ball was absolutely precious. Best line was: “In my world everybody is a horse and they all eat rainbows and poo butterflies!”

It was basically a really cute movie. Then, we saw a movie Mariah Carey was in when she was younger and honestly, I don’t want to talk about it because I’m mainly ashamed I wasted my whole day watching tv! Oh well.

In between all this crap, Kristy and I went to the corner store. Kristy walked in front of me like nothing was happening while I got to hear from these guys in a car yell out, “Damn she got a nice booty on her” and “Baby, hey blonde, baby c’mon back here and turn around”. This was the reason I didn’t go out tonight, I wanted a quiet night. Now I’m having a quiet night watching Criminal Minds. I will try and write something more interesting later just right now its a good episode of Criminal Minds and I have to final do my Insanity for the night!

Its me again and its Sunday down here on the East Coast in South Beach, FL. I just arrived maybe, 35 minutes ago from wandering Ocean Drive and Washington Ave only to be groped, eye fucked and every other possibility.

My brazilian friend, Kristy, a swimmer at St. Leo University was suppose to be the person I was gonna protect but of course, that didn’t happen as planned. I managed to get groped 14 times? Mind you, I was wearing gym clothes which consisted of leggings, a sports bra and a loose t-shirt. (Not your average club attire) Basically I used her as a buffer once we were done with 8th and Collins because I seriously couldn’t take it anymore! The worst part is that I got one guy who cupped!

Exhibit A. 

The cup consists of a man forming a C-shape with his hand and scooping the Gluteus Maximus.

I mean I took it well and just moved on but there was this one woman, by God I loved her. Imagine a Fantasia look-a-like but more voluptuous. She said the following: “I swear to God if another one of dem black boys smack mah ass Imma fucking smack a bitch!” The best part was that she was talking about the guys in the area smoking pot and eyeing the meat market passing through. She became my hero for the night.

It was about 10:34 and Kristy said she wanted to see Chris Brown and good for her! I mean she even told me Rihanna couldn’t handle him and she would love to have Chris Brown smack her around! (See Rihanna, she knows want she wants and doesn’t have to write a song about it, tsk tsk tsk) We passed by the club he was performing at but unfortunately, I was being too motherly and pulled her away. Our journey continued down Washington Ave. and at this point this well built guy walked up to me and grabbed my arm saying, “Baby c’mon here, c’mon.” I politely declined only to be blocked by the lovely tattoo artists on…13th? One asked for a simple hi-five so I was like fuck yeah I hi-five! Kristy then walked by while in front of me the other tattoo artist insisted on a free hug. Now brah, you want a hug, ask your buddy or the drunk girl behind me, kay? Kristy pulled me aside while in the back I hear the well built guy yell out, “Baby, I want my hug. Come back my little snow bunny, I like dem snow bunnies!”

Yes, my hooker name is now Snow Bunny. I wish I were kidding but I am not. Basically my new hook line will be: My name is Carmen, but you can call me Snow Bunny.

We ventured the streets, ran into some friends and finally arrived home. The journey was a long one and treacherous but oh well. Maybe tomorrow night people will start leaving but that’s me being too optimistic I mean c’mon, Snow Bunny¬†gotta work her corner. ;)

Well, thanks to that guy, I think I figured my Halloween Costume!

My street walker and Halloween Costume. Thank you buff guy from 13th and Washington Ave!

Well, hopefully you stay safe and enjoy! And remember if you’re in trouble, those cops on their bikes will bike their way to your rescue, drrrrrring drrrrring!

Peace ;)

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