My name is Carmen and I am currently a rising senior at university in South Florida. My hobbies include lurking the internet, biking on SoBe and Ocean Drive and reading an occasional book every now. I’ve been on a crazy 2 year hiatus because life had become hectic but I have returned!

Traveling has become a great joy along, with finally immersing myself in the field that I would love to work in. Besides that, life has been definitely interesting. I have lots to share and a lot to complain prattle about.

Also, I’m still refusing to add a personal photo to this site. My will has not been broken nor convince, therefor I remain without a face.


p.s. I utterly REFUSE to blog about me cooking. So many acquaintances who would sneer at me cooking in the kitchen now diddle away, taking high resolution photographs of their food prep step by step. Just stop, please, I will not like your blog merely cause its “in” right now to do that. This goes out to all the girls that suddenly found themselves in the kitchen after initially bitching at their boyfriend that they won’t cook for them cause that’s sexist.

OK, now I’m done.