I am ashamed to say that my updates have gone to the shitter.

This little online blog has become another victim of my lack of updates. It like a solder in the mucky ditches of war; lost and forgotten and the remnants remain until the natural ways of the world (in this case the technology world) decides to recycle what is there and create something new. When I logged onto this site I think I even spotted a speckle of dust on the corner. An image of my blog just coughing in the corner came to mind; such an amusing image.

My issue has become that whenever I have something diddling in my mind, itching to be said, I say it but then have troubles writing it down without it sounding…stupid.

Recently my life has been rather interesting. Classes began about 3-4 weeks ago so I’ve been busy juggling lab and a job. Oh wait! I never mentioned I got one! Well, little ole me got a job and no not telling you where but, I am on Lincoln Road so that sums it down to a certain area then. But yes, work and school and an attempt on salvaging a social life that once was over the summer.

My dating life has been interesting to say the least. A lot has happened but I don’t intend on dishing out all of the details because that’s just rude! I will throw out some funny situations people I know of have encountered, merely for the shits and giggles in life that we all need.

So alas! As the Doctor who created Frankenstein said, “It’s alive!’

I am back.